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Create Your Own Interactive Continents map:

World Map of Seven Continents

This map of continents showcases the seven world continents that make up our Earth.

From the vast icy expanses of Antarctica to the diverse landscapes of Asia, each continent has its unique geographies, cultures, histories, and ecosystems.

These landmasses, surrounded by the world's oceans, have been central to human history, serving as homes, battlegrounds, and places of discovery and exploration.





North America

Australia (and Oceania)

South America

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Need more than the continents? You can create a clickable world map with countries.

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I created this HTML5 compatible tool because I paid a developer a ridiculous amount of cash to build a clickable map for me from scratch, and I wanted to save you time, hassle and money.

After you edit your map, click on "Generate Map Script" to retrieve the html that you can copy and paste for your website. You have the option of paying a small fee that will give you the ability to come back and edit the map later.

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