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Illinois County Map

A Guide to Illinois's Counties

Illinois, situated in the Midwestern region of the United States, is segmented into 102 distinct counties. Each one contributes its own flair and historical significance to the state's rich tapestry. This map offers a focused perspective on these administrative units, giving users an insightful look into Illinois's structural composition and its county boundaries.

To discover more, simply hover over a specific section of the map. As you do, the name of each county will emerge. From Cook to Sangamon, and Champaign to Rock Island, every county has a story to tell and a role in shaping Illinois's legacy.

Presented without additional elements, this map emphasizes the clear demarcations of Illinois's county boundaries. These borders, influenced by historical events and politics, offer a glimpse into the state's developmental journey and its multifaceted identity.

Whether you're an educator, a researcher, or someone with an avid interest in the Prairie State, this interactive map serves as an invaluable resource. It highlights Illinois county by county, presenting a detailed overview of its administrative divisions.

Venture through the counties of Illinois and gain a deeper appreciation for the complexity and beauty of this iconic state.

Illinois is divided into 102 counties which are all represented in the map of Illinois. Here's a list of all of them, featured in the Illinois Counties map:

  1. Adams

  2. Alexander

  3. Bond

  4. Boone

  5. Brown

  6. Bureau

  7. Calhoun

  8. Carroll

  9. Cass

  10. Champaign

  11. Christian

  12. Clark

  13. Clay

  14. Clinton

  15. Coles

  16. Cook

  17. Crawford

  18. Cumberland

  19. DeKalb

  20. DeWitt

  21. Douglas

  22. DuPage

  23. Edgar

  24. Edwards

  25. Effingham

  26. Fayette

  27. Ford

  28. Franklin

  29. Fulton

  30. Gallatin

  31. Greene

  32. Grundy

  33. Hamilton

  34. Hancock

  35. Hardin

  36. Henderson

  37. Henry

  38. Iroquois

  39. Jackson

  40. Jasper

  41. Jefferson

  42. Jersey

  43. Jo Daviess

  44. Johnson

  45. Kane

  46. Kankakee

  47. Kendall

  48. Knox

  49. Lake

  50. LaSalle

  51. Lawrence

  52. Lee

  53. Livingston

  54. Logan

  55. Macon

  56. Macoupin

  57. Madison

  58. Marion

  59. Marshall

  60. Mason

  61. Massac

  62. McDonough

  63. McHenry

  64. McLean

  65. Menard

  66. Mercer

  67. Monroe

  68. Montgomery

  69. Morgan

  70. Moultrie

  71. Ogle

  72. Peoria

  73. Perry

  74. Piatt

  75. Pike

  76. Pope

  77. Pulaski

  78. Putnam

  79. Randolph

  80. Richland

  81. Rock Island

  82. Saline

  83. Sangamon

  84. Schuyler

  85. Scott

  86. Shelby

  87. St. Clair

  88. Stark

  89. Stephenson

  90. Tazewell

  91. Union

  92. Vermilion

  93. Wabash

  94. Warren

  95. Washington

  96. Wayne

  97. White

  98. Whiteside

  99. Will

  100. Williamson

  101. Winnebago

  102. Woodford

Can you find them all on our map of Illinois?

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