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Interactive Map of North Dakota Counties

North Dakota state map

North Dakota is divided into 53 counties which are all represented in the map of North Dakota. Here's a list of all of them, featured in the ND Counties map:

Adams County

Barnes County

Benson County

Billings County

Bottineau County

Bowman County

Burke County

Burleigh County

Cass County

Cavalier County

Dickey County

Divide County

Dunn County

Eddy County

Emmons County

Foster County

Golden Valley County

Grand Forks County

Grant County

Griggs County

Hettinger County

Kidder County

LaMoure County

Logan County

McHenry County

McIntosh County

McKenzie County

McLean County

Mercer County

Morton County

Mountrail County

Nelson County

Oliver County

Pembina County

Pierce County

Ramsey County

Ransom County

Renville County

Richland County

Rolette County

Sargent County

Sheridan County

Sioux County

Slope County

Stark County

Steele County

Stutsman County

Towner County

Traill County

Walsh County

Ward County

Wells County

Williams County

Can you find them all on our North Dakota county map?

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About North Dakota

  1. Statehood: North Dakota was admitted to the Union on November 2, 1889, as the 39th state, alongside South Dakota as the 40th state.

  2. Capital: The state capital is Bismarck.

  3. Nickname: North Dakota is often referred to as the "Peace Garden State," a reference to the International Peace Garden located on the border between North Dakota and the Canadian province of Manitoba.

  4. Economic Significance: North Dakota has experienced an oil boom in the 21st century, particularly in the Bakken shale region, making it a major U.S. oil producer.

  5. Agriculture: Historically and currently, agriculture plays a vital role in the state's economy. North Dakota is a top producer of crops like wheat, barley, sunflower seeds, and soybeans.

  6. Geography: The state features vast stretches of Great Plains and is divided by the Missouri River.

  7. Native American Heritage: North Dakota is home to several Native American tribes, including the Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara, Sioux, and Chippewa.

  8. Climate: The state experiences a continental climate with cold winters and warm summers.

  9. Tourist Attractions: The Theodore Roosevelt National Park, named after the 26th U.S. president who once lived in the state, is a popular destination for its striking badlands landscapes.

  10. Education: The state hosts several institutions of higher learning, with the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks being one of the oldest and largest.

  11. Population: North Dakota, while expansive in land area, has one of the lower population densities in the U.S.

  12. Famous Event: The annual Norsk Høstfest held in Minot is North America's largest Scandinavian festival, celebrating the state's Nordic heritage.

In terms of U.S. states, North Dakota shares borders with Montana to the west, South Dakota to the south, and Minnesota to the east.

North Dakota shares its northern border with the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

These facts provide a snapshot of North Dakota's rich history, economic significance, and cultural heritage. The state, with its blend of natural beauty and industrious spirit, holds a unique position in the U.S. landscape.

Prairie Chronicles: Traversing North Dakota's Counties

North Dakota, the sentinel of the Northern Plains, stands as a testament to untouched beauty and unwavering resilience. This interactive map invites users on a journey of exploration, with each county's name clearly visible, guiding the way to tales of pioneers, indigenous heritage, and the harmonious dance between man and nature.

In the northern frontier, counties like Bottineau and Rolette stand prominently, narrating stories of early settlers, fur trappers, and the rich tapestry of Native American history that stretches across these vast expanses.

Navigating through the central heartland, names such as Burleigh and McLean come into focus, echoing the state's deep agricultural roots, the prominence of railroads, and the communities that have grown in tandem with the prairies' rhythms.

To the west, markers for counties like McKenzie and Williams hint at North Dakota's burgeoning energy sector and the age-old allure of the Badlands. In contrast, the eastern territories highlight Cass and Richland, bearing tales of fertile plains, meandering rivers, and the harmonious melding of commerce and culture.

Venturing further south, the names of counties like Emmons and Sioux emerge, each encapsulating moments of historical significance — from pivotal battles and peace treaties to tales of migration and establishment.

This map isn't just a geographical tool—it's a doorway into North Dakota's soul. Each clearly visible name is a gateway to deeper stories, traditions, and histories that together weave the state's intricate tapestry. For natives rekindling connections or travelers charting a course through the Northern Plains, this interactive map serves as a guiding light, illuminating the diverse landscapes, legacies, and lore of North Dakota.

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