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Map of England Counties: UK County Maps

Is there a list of all the counties?

It's important to note that the United Kingdom is made up of four countries: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Each has its own system of administrative and geographic divisions.


Here are the 48 ceremonial counties in England:

  1. Bedfordshire

  2. Berkshire

  3. Buckinghamshire

  4. Cambridgeshire

  5. Cheshire

  6. Cornwall

  7. Cumbria

  8. Derbyshire

  9. Devon

  10. Dorset

  11. Durham

  12. East Riding of Yorkshire

  13. East Sussex

  14. Essex

  15. Gloucestershire

  16. Greater London

  17. Greater Manchester

  18. Hampshire

  19. Herefordshire

  20. Hertfordshire

  21. Isle of Wight

  22. Kent

  23. Lancashire

  24. Leicestershire

  25. Lincolnshire

  26. Merseyside

  27. Norfolk

  28. North Yorkshire

  29. Northamptonshire

  30. Northumberland

  31. Nottinghamshire

  32. Oxfordshire

  33. Rutland

  34. Shropshire

  35. Somerset

  36. South Yorkshire

  37. Staffordshire

  38. Suffolk

  39. Surrey

  40. Tyne and Wear

  41. Warwickshire

  42. West Midlands

  43. West Sussex

  44. West Yorkshire

  45. Wiltshire

  46. Worcestershire


Scotland is divided into 32 council areas, but for historical and ceremonial reasons, it is also often divided into traditional counties or shires:

  1. Aberdeenshire

  2. Angus

  3. Argyll

  4. Ayrshire

  5. Banffshire

  6. Berwickshire

  7. Bute

  8. Caithness

  9. Clackmannanshire

  10. Dumfriesshire

  11. Dunbartonshire

  12. East Lothian

  13. Fife

  14. Inverness-shire

  15. Kincardineshire

  16. Kinross-shire

  17. Kirkcudbrightshire

  18. Lanarkshire

  19. Midlothian

  20. Moray

  21. Nairnshire

  22. Orkney

  23. Peeblesshire

  24. Perthshire

  25. Renfrewshire

  26. Ross-shire

  27. Roxburghshire

  28. Selkirkshire

  29. Shetland

  30. Stirlingshire

  31. Sutherland

  32. West Lothian

  33. Wigtownshire


Wales is divided into 22 unitary authority areas, often referred to as "counties" or "principal areas":

  1. Anglesey

  2. Blaenau Gwent

  3. Bridgend

  4. Caerphilly

  5. Cardiff

  6. Carmarthenshire

  7. Ceredigion

  8. Conwy

  9. Denbighshire

  10. Flintshire

  11. Gwynedd

  12. Merthyr Tydfil

  13. Monmouthshire

  14. Neath Port Talbot

  15. Newport

  16. Pembrokeshire

  17. Powys

  18. Rhondda Cynon Taf

  19. Swansea

  20. Torfaen

  21. Vale of Glamorgan

  22. Wrexham

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is traditionally divided into six counties:

  1. Antrim

  2. Armagh

  3. Down

  4. Fermanagh

  5. Londonderry

  6. Tyrone

Please note that these divisions are for ceremonial and traditional purposes and may not necessarily represent the current administrative setup, especially in Scotland and Wales.

Understanding English Counties

Major Counties in the UK

Metropolitan Counties

Map of England Counties: UK County Maps

A map of England's counties offers a detailed view of the administrative and geographic divisions that make up England, which is a country within the United Kingdom. England is divided into 48 ceremonial counties, which are also known as geographic or historic counties. In addition, there are 39 administrative counties and six metropolitan counties.

Understanding English Counties

Ceremonial Counties

Ceremonial counties are areas for which a Lord Lieutenant is appointed. They correspond to the historic counties and are used mainly for cultural and geographic identification. Examples include Lancashire, Kent, and Cornwall.

Administrative Counties

These are the regions governed by county councils and are the primary unit of local government. Administrative counties often align with ceremonial counties but may have some differences due to changes in borders or governance structures. Examples include Surrey, Hampshire, and Northumberland.

Unitary Authorities

Some areas are not part of administrative counties but instead are governed as unitary authorities. These have a single tier of local government that takes on the roles typically divided between county and district councils. Examples include Bristol, Herefordshire, and Isle of Wight.

Non-Metropolitan Counties

Also known as "shire counties," these are usually rural areas that have a county council and several district councils. Examples include Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and Dorset.

Major Counties in the UK

  1. Yorkshire - Known for its natural beauty, Yorkshire is often referred to as "God's Own County."

  2. Lancashire - Famous for its industrial past and cultural heritage.

  3. Kent - Known as the "Garden of England" for its lush landscapes.

  4. Cornwall - Known for its beautiful coastline and Celtic history.

  5. Surrey - One of the wealthiest counties, bordering London to the south.

  6. Devon - Famous for its beautiful beaches and moorland.

  7. Hampshire - Home to the New Forest and several historic cities.

  8. Essex - Known for its proximity to London and diverse population.

Metropolitan Counties

Metropolitan counties were introduced in 1974 to provide a level of government for large urban areas. These counties consist of multiple metropolitan boroughs and are generally more urbanized than their non-metropolitan counterparts.

  1. Greater Manchester - Includes Manchester and its surrounding areas.

  2. West Midlands - Includes Birmingham, Coventry, and Wolverhampton.

  3. West Yorkshire - Includes Leeds, Bradford, and Wakefield.

  4. Merseyside - Includes Liverpool and its surrounding areas.

  5. South Yorkshire - Includes Sheffield and its surrounding areas.

  6. Tyne and Wear - Includes Newcastle, Sunderland, and other nearby towns.

Metropolitan counties don't have county councils; instead, each borough has its own council that takes on the roles traditionally performed by both county and district councils. In some cases, like Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire, there are combined authorities that take on some roles across the whole metropolitan county.

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