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West Virginia counties map

Map of West Virginia counties

West Virginia is divided into 55 counties which are all represented in the map of West Virginia. Here's a list of all of them, featured in the WV Counties map:

Barbour county

Berkeley county

Boone county

Braxton county

Brooke county

Cabell county

Calhoun county

Clay county

Doddridge county

Fayette county

Gilmer county

Grant county

Greenbrier county

Hampshire county

Hancock county

Hardy county

Harrison county

Jackson county

Jefferson county

Kanawha county

Lewis county

Lincoln county

Logan county

McDowell county

Marion county

Marshall county

Mason county

Mercer county

Mineral county

Mingo county

Monongalia county

Monroe county

Morgan county

Nicholas county

Ohio county

Pendleton county

Pleasants county

Pocahontas county

Preston county

Putnam county

Raleigh county

Randolph county

Ritchie county

Roane county

Summers county

Taylor county

Tucker county

Tyler county

Upshur county

Wayne county

Webster county

Wetzel county

Wirt county

Wood county

Wyoming county

Can you find them all on our West Virginia county map?

About West Virginia

West Virginia:

Population: West Virginia has an estimated population of approximately 1.79 million people.

State Capital: Charleston

Major Cities: Some of the major cities in West Virginia include Charleston, Huntington, Morgantown, Parkersburg, and Wheeling.

Most Populous County: Kanawha County, where Charleston is located, is the most populous county in the state.

Least Populous County: Wirt County is among the least populous counties in West Virginia.

Neighboring States: West Virginia borders Virginia to the southeast, Kentucky to the southwest, Ohio to the northwest, Pennsylvania to the north, and Maryland to the northeast.

The Eastern Panhandle is the state's most eastern counties that stretch out in a narrow strip between Maryland and Virginia. The Potomac River forms its northern boundary. Its close proximity to major metropolitan areas like Washington, D.C., and Baltimore means that the Eastern Panhandle has a blend of urban and rural characteristics and has a distinct identity within West Virginia.

West Virginia is often characterized by its rolling hills, coal industry, and rich Appalachian culture and history.

More Facts about West Virginia

Nickname: Often referred to as the "Mountain State," West Virginia is renowned for its rugged terrain and numerous mountain ranges.

Statehood: West Virginia became the 35th state in the Union on June 20, 1863, after breaking away from Virginia during the Civil War due to differences over the issue of slavery.

Economy: Historically, coal mining has been a significant industry in West Virginia, though its prominence has declined in recent decades. The state has also been associated with other industries like logging and chemical production.

Natural Beauty: The state boasts several natural attractions, such as the Monongahela National Forest, New River Gorge National Park and Preserve, and the scenic beauty of the Appalachian Mountains.

Some general information about some prominent West Virginia counties:

Kanawha County: Home to Charleston, West Virginia's state capital and largest city.

Hancock County: The northernmost county in West Virginia, bordering Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Randolph County: Contains a significant portion of the Monongahela National Forest.

Barbour County: Known for its picturesque Philippi Covered Bridge, a Civil War-era landmark.

Brooke County: Located along the Ohio River, with the historic town of Wellsburg as its county seat.

Ohio County: Home to Wheeling, a pivotal city in West Virginia's statehood and early history.

Greenbrier County: Houses the luxurious Greenbrier Resort and the vast underground Greenbrier Bunker.

Pendleton County: Encompasses parts of the Spruce Knob-Seneca Rocks National Recreation Area.

Calhoun County: Often referred to as the "Heart of the West Virginia Lumber World" due to its vast forests and logging history.

Please note that while these descriptions provide a snapshot of each county, there's a lot more depth and history to each region! Additionally, please note that this selection is not a rating system but rather a reflection of the most frequently searched counties.

About the map of West Virginia

West Virginia: A Tapestry of Counties

Dive into the intricate patterns that make up the Mountain State by exploring this dynamic map of West Virginia's counties.

Each county, with its unique name, forms an integral part of the state's storied landscape. As you move your cursor across the map, discover the names of each county.

Every county has its story, and this map of West Virginia is the key to unveiling it. Happy exploring!

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