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Texas County Map

Texas Map

Texas is divided into 254 counties which are all represented in the map of Texas. There is no US state that has more counties!

Here's a list of all of them with their respective county boundaries, featured in the interactive Texas Counties map:

  1. Anderson

  2. Andrews

  3. Angelina

  4. Aransas

  5. Archer

  6. Armstrong

  7. Atascosa

  8. Austin

  9. Bailey

  10. Bandera

  11. Bastrop

  12. Baylor

  13. Bee

  14. Bell

  15. Bexar

  16. Blanco

  17. Borden

  18. Bosque

  19. Bowie

  20. Brazoria

  21. Brazos

  22. Brewster

  23. Briscoe

  24. Brooks

  25. Brown

  26. Burleson

  27. Burnet

  28. Caldwell

  29. Calhoun

  30. Callahan

  31. Cameron

  32. Camp

  33. Carson

  34. Cass

  35. Castro

  36. Chambers

  37. Cherokee

  38. Childress

  39. Clay

  40. Cochran

  41. Coke

  42. Coleman

  43. Collin

  44. Collingsworth

  45. Colorado

  46. Comal

  47. Comanche

  48. Concho

  49. Cooke

  50. Coryell

  51. Cottle

  52. Crane

  53. Crockett

  54. Crosby

  55. Culberson

  56. Dallam

  57. Dallas

  58. Dawson

  59. Deaf Smith

  60. Delta

  61. Denton

  62. DeWitt

  63. Dickens

  64. Dimmit

  65. Donley

  66. Duval

  67. Eastland

  68. Ector

  69. Edwards

  70. Ellis

  71. El Paso

  72. Erath

  73. Falls

  74. Fannin

  75. Fayette

  76. Fisher

  77. Floyd

  78. Foard

  79. Fort Bend

  80. Franklin

  81. Freestone

  82. Frio

  83. Gaines

  84. Galveston

  85. Garza

  86. Gillespie

  87. Glasscock

  88. Goliad

  89. Gonzales

  90. Gray

  91. Grayson

  92. Gregg

  93. Grimes

  94. Guadalupe

  95. Hale

  96. Hall

  97. Hamilton

  98. Hansford

  99. Hardeman

  100. Hardin

  101. Harris

  102. Harrison

  103. Hartley

  104. Haskell

  105. Hays

  106. Hemphill

  107. Henderson

  108. Hidalgo

  109. Hill

  110. Hockley

  111. Hood

  112. Hopkins

  113. Houston

  114. Howard

  115. Hudspeth

  116. Hunt

  117. Hutchinson

  118. Irion

  119. Jack

  120. Jackson

  121. Jasper

  122. Jeff Davis

  123. Jefferson

  124. Jim Hogg

  125. Jim Wells

  126. Johnson

  127. Jones

  128. Karnes

  129. Kaufman

  130. Kendall

  131. Kenedy

  132. Kent

  133. Kerr

  134. Kimble

  135. King

  136. Kinney

  137. Kleberg

  138. Knox

  139. La Salle

  140. Lamar

  141. Lamb

  142. Lampasas

  143. Lavaca

  144. Lee

  145. Leon

  146. Liberty

  147. Limestone

  148. Lipscomb

  149. Live Oak

  150. Llano

  151. Loving

  152. Lubbock

  153. Lynn

  154. Madison

  155. Marion

  156. Martin

  157. Mason

  158. Matagorda

  159. Maverick

  160. McCulloch

  161. McLennan

  162. McMullen

  163. Medina

  164. Menard

  165. Midland

  166. Milam

  167. Mills

  168. Mitchell

  169. Montague

  170. Montgomery

  171. Moore

  172. Morris

  173. Motley

  174. Nacogdoches

  175. Navarro

  176. Newton

  177. Nolan

  178. Nueces

  179. Ochiltree

  180. Oldham

  181. Orange

  182. Palo Pinto

  183. Panola

  184. Parker

  185. Parmer

  186. Pecos

  187. Polk

  188. Potter

  189. Presidio

  190. Rains

  191. Randall

  192. Reagan

  193. Real

  194. Red River

  195. Reeves

  196. Refugio

  197. Roberts

  198. Robertson

  199. Rockwall

  200. Runnels

  201. Rusk

  202. Sabine

  203. San Augustine

  204. San Jacinto

  205. San Patricio

  206. San Saba

  207. Schleicher

  208. Scurry

  209. Shackelford

  210. Shelby

  211. Sherman

  212. Smith

  213. Somervell

  214. Starr

  215. Stephens

  216. Sterling

  217. Stonewall

  218. Sutton

  219. Swisher

  220. Tarrant

  221. Taylor

  222. Terrell

  223. Terry

  224. Throckmorton

  225. Titus

  226. Tom Green

  227. Travis

  228. Trinity

  229. Tyler

  230. Upshur

  231. Upton

  232. Uvalde

  233. Val Verde

  234. Van Zandt

  235. Victoria

  236. Walker

  237. Waller

  238. Ward

  239. Washington

  240. Webb

  241. Wharton

  242. Wheeler

  243. Wichita

  244. Wilbarger

  245. Willacy

  246. Williamson

  247. Wilson

  248. Winkler

  249. Wise

  250. Wood

  251. Yoakum

  252. Young

  253. Zapata

  254. Zavala

Can you find them all on our Texas county map?

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About Texas

Here's an overview of Texas in terms of its population, prominent counties, state capital, and major cities:


Texas State Capital:

Most Populous County:

Least Populated County:

Major Cities:

These major cities and counties represent the diverse and vast landscape that is Texas, from the bustling urban centers of Houston and Dallas to the historic landmarks in San Antonio and the frontier spirit of Fort Worth. Texas, with its unique blend of cultures, histories, and landscapes, remains a pivotal state in the American narrative.

Texas and Its Borders

Texas, the vast expanse of the Lone Star State, shares its borders with a diverse range of regions and countries. To the North, it meets the rolling plains of Oklahoma, while its southern edge brushes against the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and forms an international boundary with Mexico. In the East, Texas is flanked by the dense pine forests and bayous of Louisiana and Arkansas. To the West, its dry deserts stretch out to meet the rugged terrains of New Mexico, showing the state's broad geographical and cultural range.

Texas' Neighboring States

Beyond its borders, Texas shares its vast expanse with a variety of neighboring states: to the north lies Oklahoma with its sweeping plains; Louisiana and Arkansas to the east, each boasting a rich blend of bayous, forests, and Southern charm; and to the west, the rugged landscapes of NM, exemplifying the diverse topographies and cultures that converge in this South-Central U.S. region.

Exploring the Lone Star State: A County Perspective

Dive into the vast expanse of Texas through this interactive county map! As the second-largest state in the U.S., Texas boasts a remarkable 254 counties, each with its unique story and legacy. While the state's size and diversity are awe-inspiring, the real heart of Texas lies within these individual counties.

Hover over any part of the map, and the county's name will come into focus!

Remember, Texas isn't just a state; it's a state of mind. And this map provides a unique lens to start understanding its vastness, one county at a time.

More Facts about Texas

  1. Size and Diversity: Texas is the second-largest state in the U.S. by both area and population, boasting a diverse landscape that includes deserts, plains, forests, and a long coastline along the Gulf of Mexico.

  2. The Alamo: Located in San Antonio, the Alamo is an iconic symbol of Texas' fight for independence from Mexico and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Battle of the Alamo in 1836 was a pivotal event in Texas history.

  3. Oil and Energy: Texas has been a major player in the oil industry since the Spindletop gusher in 1901. It remains a hub for the energy sector, including oil, natural gas, and renewable energies.

  4. Cattle and Ranching: Texas is synonymous with cattle ranching, and the state has played a significant role in the evolution of the American cowboy and ranching traditions.

  5. Music and Arts: Cities like Austin, dubbed the "Live Music Capital of the World," highlight Texas' rich musical legacy, spanning genres from country and blues to Tejano and rock.

  6. Space Exploration: Houston is home to NASA's Johnson Space Center, leading to the famous phrase "Houston, we have a problem." The center has been central to American space exploration since its inception.

  7. Sports: Texas is known for its passion for sports, especially football. The state has multiple professional teams, including the Dallas Cowboys (NFL) and the San Antonio Spurs (NBA).

  8. Economic Power: Texas boasts a robust economy with strong sectors in energy, technology, agriculture, healthcare, and more. If it were a sovereign nation, Texas would rank as the world's 9th largest economy, as of data up to 2022.

  9. Diverse Population: Texas is a melting pot of cultures, influenced by its Native American roots, Spanish and Mexican heritage, German and Czech settlers, African American communities, and more.

    • Natural Wonders: From the Palo Duro Canyon in the Panhandle to two national parks Big Bend National Park and Guadalupe Mountains National Park, the state offers an array of natural beauties and outdoor adventures.

      Big Bend National Park:

      Located in the southwestern part of the state, Big Bend offers a diverse landscape, from the Chihuahuan Desert to the Rio Grande River. It's known for its vast canyons, rugged mountains, and its rich biodiversity.

      Guadalupe Mountains National Park:

      Situated in West Texas, this park encompasses the highest peak in the state, Guadalupe Peak. The park is renowned for its extensive hiking trails, fossilized reef formations, and vibrant fall colors in the McKittrick Canyon area.

  10. Higher Education: Texas is home to several renowned universities, including the University of Texas system, Texas A&M University, and Rice University, among others.

  11. Texas City:Located in southeastern Texas, along the southwest shoreline of Galveston Bay, it's part of Galveston County and relatively close to the cities of Houston and Galveston. It's known for its port, the Texas City Dike, its oil refineries, and also for the Texas City disaster of 1947, which was one of the deadliest industrial accidents in U.S. history.

From its independent spirit symbolized by the Lone Star on its flag to its significant contributions in various fields, Texas remains a state of immense influence and diversity in the American landscape.

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