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Map of the US State of Louisiana

Louisiana's Parishes: An Interactive Guide

Situated in the U.S. South, Louisiana, known as the "Pelican State," is organized into 64 distinct parishes. From Acadia to Zachary, Orleans to Ouachita, each holds historical and cultural significance within the state's broader context.

This interactive map efficiently displays Louisiana's parish divisions. As users hover over specific regions, parish names become evident, enabling a streamlined exploration of the state's unique administrative structure.

The defined boundaries not only represent territorial limits but also encapsulate historical developments and community connections. They reflect Louisiana's rich past and diverse heritage, characterized by Creole influences, bayous, and signature celebrations.

For researchers, students, or those interested in the layout of the Pelican State, this map provides a concise and informative overview of Louisiana, parish by parish. Engage with its features to gain insights into the state's organizational intricacies and historical depth.

Map of Louisiana and Louisiana Parishes

Louisiana is unique in that it has parishes instead of counties. Louisiana is divided into 64 parishes which are all represented in the map of Louisiana. Here's a list of all of them, featured in the Louisiana Parishes map:

  1. Acadia

  2. Allen

  3. Ascension

  4. Assumption

  5. Avoyelles

  6. Beauregard

  7. Bienville

  8. Bossier

  9. Caddo

  10. Calcasieu

  11. Caldwell

  12. Cameron

  13. Catahoula

  14. Claiborne

  15. Concordia

  16. De Soto

  17. East Baton Rouge

  18. East Carroll

  19. East Feliciana

  20. Evangeline

  21. Franklin

  22. Grant

  23. Iberia

  24. Iberville

  25. Jackson

  26. Jefferson

  27. Jefferson Davis

  28. LaSalle

  29. Lafayette

  30. Lafourche

  31. Lincoln

  32. Livingston

  33. Madison

  34. Morehouse

  35. Natchitoches

  36. Orleans

  37. Ouachita

  38. Plaquemines

  39. Pointe Coupee

  40. Rapides

  41. Red River

  42. Richland

  43. Sabine

  44. St. Bernard

  45. St. Charles

  46. St. Helena

  47. St. James

  48. St. John the Baptist

  49. St. Landry

  50. St. Martin

  51. St. Mary

  52. St. Tammany

  53. Tangipahoa

  54. Tensas

  55. Terrebonne

  56. Union

  57. Vermilion

  58. Vernon

  59. Washington

  60. Webster

  61. West Baton Rouge

  62. West Carroll

  63. West Feliciana

  64. Winn

Can you find them all on our Louisiana parish map?

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