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Pennsylvania County Map

Interactive Map of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is divided into 67 counties which are all represented in the map of Pennsylvania. Here's a complete list of all county names, featured in the Pennsylvania Counties map:

Adams County

Allegheny County

Armstrong County

Beaver County

Bedford County

Berks County

Blair County

Bradford County

Bucks County

Butler County

Cambria County

Cameron County

Carbon County

Centre County

Chester County

Clarion County

Clearfield County

Clinton County

Columbia County

Crawford County

Cumberland County

Dauphin County

Delaware County

Elk County

Erie County

Fayette County

Forest County

Franklin County

Fulton County

Greene County

Huntingdon County

Indiana County

Jefferson County

Juniata County

Lackawanna County

Lancaster County

Lawrence County

Lebanon County

Lehigh County

Luzerne County

Lycoming County

McKean County

Mercer County

Mifflin County

Monroe County

Montgomery County

Montour County

Northampton County

Northumberland County

Perry County

Philadelphia County

Pike County

Potter County

Schuylkill County

Snyder County

Somerset County

Sullivan County

Susquehanna County

Tioga County

Union County

Venango County

Warren County

Washington County

Wayne County

Westmoreland County

Wyoming County

York County

Can you find them all on our Pennsylvania county map?

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About Pennsylvania

  1. Founding State: Pennsylvania is one of the original thirteen colonies and played a crucial role in the founding of the United States.

  2. Keystone State: The nickname "Keystone State" originates from Pennsylvania's central position among the colonies and its vital role in the country's early history.

  3. Declaration of Independence: The Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia in 1776 at Independence Hall.

  4. Liberty Bell: Located in Philadelphia, the Liberty Bell is an iconic symbol of American independence and freedom.

  5. Battle of Gettysburg: One of the most significant battles during the Civil War took place in Gettysburg. Today, the Gettysburg National Military Park serves as a memorial to the soldiers who fought there.

  6. Economic Contributions: Historically, Pennsylvania was a major hub for coal mining and steel production, particularly in cities like Pittsburgh. The state played a critical role during the Industrial Revolution.

  7. Amish Country: Pennsylvania, particularly in Lancaster County, is home to one of the largest Amish populations in the U.S., known for their simple way of life, traditional crafts, and horse-drawn buggies.

  8. Chocolate Capital: Hershey, Pennsylvania, is often referred to as the "Sweetest Place on Earth" and is the birthplace of Hershey's chocolate. The town features a popular theme park and many chocolate-themed attractions.

  9. Major Cities: Philadelphia, known for its rich history and cultural significance, and Pittsburgh, with its legacy in the steel industry, are two of the state's largest and most influential cities.

  10. Geography: Pennsylvania's landscape is diverse, from the Appalachian Mountains that run through the state to the lush farmlands and dense forests.

  11. Educational Institutions: The state is home to several prestigious universities, including the University of Pennsylvania (an Ivy League institution) and Carnegie Mellon University.

  12. First Zoo: The Philadelphia Zoo, established in 1874, is considered the first true zoo in the United States.

Pennsylvania's vast contributions to America's history, industry, and culture have made it a state of significant national importance. From pivotal moments in the nation's founding to its enduring legacy in industry and education, Pennsylvania holds a special place in the American narrative.

Keystone Chronicles: Navigating Pennsylvania's Counties

Pennsylvania, known as the Keystone State for its central position among the original thirteen colonies, is a rich mosaic of history, culture, and varied landscapes. This interactive map invites users to delve into the heart of Pennsylvania, one county at a time, revealing tales as old as the state itself.

In the northern stretches, counties like Tioga and Susquehanna stand proudly, each echoing the vibrant histories of industry, nature, and the communities that thrived amidst both.

Moving into the heartland, Dauphin, Lancaster, and York counties surface, bearing stories of early American governance, the Amish heartland, and battles that shaped the nation's destiny.

To the west, counties like Allegheny and Westmoreland come into view, narrating tales of steel magnates, coal miners, and the industrious spirit that transformed America during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Venturing eastward, names such as Bucks, Montgomery, and Lehigh emerge, hinting at Revolutionary tales, the birth of a nation, and the rich tapestry of arts and innovation that continue to flourish in these regions.

The southern realms, where Chester and Fayette counties reside, whisper accounts of rolling farmlands, Quaker settlements, and the bridge between the North and South during pivotal moments in American history.

This map is a journey through the epochs of Pennsylvania, a treasure trove of stories and legacies. Each county serves as a chapter, offering insight into the traditions, breakthroughs, and people that have woven the intricate fabric of the Keystone State. For Pennsylvanians seeking to retrace their roots and for travelers intrigued by the state's storied past, this map is a compass pointing to the diverse landscapes, histories, and memories that Pennsylvania holds close to its heart.

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