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Nebraska County Map

About the Nebraska map

Interactive Map of Nebraska's Counties

Venture into the digital expanse of Nebraska, a state known for its vast prairies and deep-rooted agricultural heritage. As you navigate this map, the distinct counties of the Cornhusker State will reveal their names, appearing seamlessly as you hover over each segment with your cursor.

Nebraska, with its rolling plains and a myriad of counties, paints a picture of history, culture, and nature's bounty. Each hover not only unveils a county's name but also extends an invitation to delve into the stories, milestones, and traditions that characterize each region. Whether you're a Nebraskan retracing familiar terrains or a newcomer eager to acquaint yourself with the state's rich tapestry, this map offers a captivating and interactive journey through Nebraska's administrative landscape.

Engage with this intuitive guide and traverse the digital fields and valleys of Nebraska. With every hover and subtle movement, you piece together a more comprehensive understanding of the state's diverse counties and their unique narratives.

Set out on this enlightening expedition, discovering the heart and soul of Nebraska, one county at a time. Relish the insights and connections that beckon!

Interactive Map of Nebraska Counties

Nebraska is divided into 93 counties which are all represented in the map of Nebraska. Here's a list of all of them, featured in the Nebraska Counties map:

Adams county

Antelope county

Arthur county

Banner county

Blaine county

Boone county

Box Butte county

Boyd county

Brown county

Buffalo county

Burt county

Butler county

Cass county

Cedar county

Chase county

Cherry county

Cheyenne county

Clay county

Colfax county

Cuming county

Custer county

Dakota county

Dawes county

Dawson county

Deuel county

Dixon county

Dodge county

Douglas county

Dundy county

Fillmore county

Franklin county

Frontier county

Furnas county

Gage county

Garden county

Garfield county

Gosper county

Grant county

Greeley county

Hall county

Hamilton county

Harlan county

Hayes county

Hitchcock county

Holt county

Hooker county

Howard county

Jefferson county

Johnson county

Kearney county

Keith county

Keya Paha county

Kimball county

Knox county

Lancaster county

Lincoln county

Logan county

Loup county

Madison county

McPherson county

Merrick county

Morrill county

Nance county

Nemaha county

Nuckolls county

Otoe county

Pawnee county

Perkins county

Phelps county

Pierce county

Platte county

Polk county

Red Willow county

Richardson county

Rock county

Saline county

Sarpy county

Saunders county

Scotts Bluff county

Seward county

Sheridan county

Sherman county

Sioux county

Stanton county

Thayer county

Thomas county

Thurston county

Valley county

Washington county

Wayne county

Webster county

Wheeler county

York county

Can you find them all on our Nebraska county map?

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About the map of Nebraska

This clickable, interactive detailed map shows the U.S. State of Nebraska and its counties.

Create your own interactive and clickable Nebraska County Boundaries Map!

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More General facts and information about Nebraska

Nebraska: The Heartland's Tapestry

Nestled in the center of the American heartland, Nebraska is a state that often surprises and delights those who venture into its realms. Characterized by its sweeping plains, undulating sandhills, and meandering rivers, it serves as a testament to nature's ability to craft stunning landscapes. Beyond the scenery, Nebraska's true strength lies in its communities: close-knit, resilient, and always welcoming.

Agriculture forms the backbone of Nebraska's economy and identity. The state's golden fields of corn and wheat stretch as far as the eye can see, punctuated by grazing cattle and bustling farming towns. The rhythmic dance of crops in the breeze speaks to generations of farmers who have tilled this soil, upholding traditions while continuously innovating for the future.

Cultural diversity is another hallmark of Nebraska. Over the centuries, waves of immigrants have found a home in its nurturing lands, each group infusing the state with its unique traditions, cuisines, and festivals. From Native American roots to European influences, Nebraska is a melting pot of histories and cultures that come together harmoniously.

Moreover, Nebraska's role in American history is profound. From the pioneer trails that once crisscrossed the state during westward expansion to its influential voice in national politics and policy, Nebraska has consistently played pivotal roles on the national stage.

In essence, Nebraska is more than just a geographical entity; it's a living, breathing narrative of hard work, community, and the American spirit. A journey through its counties is not just a geographical exploration but a dive into the very essence of what makes this state so uniquely captivating.

Nebraska: A Mosaic of Land and Legacy

  1. Statehood and Location: Nebraska became the 37th state of the United States on March 1, 1867. Geographically, it is situated almost in the center of the nation, making it a crucial crossroads in multiple transcontinental routes.

  2. Number of Counties: The state is divided into 93 counties, with each having its own distinctive charm and significance. Douglas, Lancaster, and Sarpy counties are among the most populous, while many counties in the Sandhills region tend to be sparser.

  3. Economic Backbone: Agriculture remains a dominant force in Nebraska's economy. The state is a major producer of beef, pork, corn, soybeans, and sorghum. Beyond agriculture, Nebraska has made significant strides in sectors like transportation, manufacturing, telecommunications, and information technology.

  4. Education and Institutions: Nebraska is home to a variety of institutions of higher learning, both public and private. The University of Nebraska system, with its flagship in Lincoln, is especially prominent. The state also places a strong emphasis on community colleges, which play a critical role in vocational and technical training.

  5. Natural Wonders: The state boasts a plethora of natural attractions. The Sandhills, one of the largest dune regions in the world, cover nearly a quarter of the state. Meanwhile, the Ogallala Aquifer, one of the world's largest underground freshwater sources, lies beneath it. The Platte River, which flows through central Nebraska, serves as a significant migratory route for Sandhill cranes – a spectacular annual event for bird enthusiasts.

  6. Cultural Celebrations: Every year, Nebraskans celebrate their rich heritage and traditions through various events. The Nebraska State Fair, held in Grand Island, showcases the state's agricultural prowess. Other events like NEBRASKAland Days in North Platte and the Wayne Chicken Show in Wayne highlight the unique local culture of their respective regions.

  7. Historical Significance: Nebraska has played a pivotal role in America's westward expansion. Landmarks like Chimney Rock and Scotts Bluff National Monument were familiar sights for pioneers traveling the Oregon, California, and Mormon trails.

  8. Modern Infrastructure: The state has a robust network of highways and interstates, making travel between counties efficient. Interstate 80, running from east to west, is one of the primary thoroughfares, connecting cities like Omaha and Lincoln to the broader nation.

In summary, Nebraska's counties, each with its distinctive character, collectively create a state that is a blend of historical richness, natural beauty, and modern progressiveness. From its bustling urban centers to its tranquil rural expanses, Nebraska stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of the American heartland.

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