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South Dakota Map

SD County map

Interactive Map of South Dakota

South Dakota is divided into 66 counties which are all represented in the map of South Dakota. Here's a list of all of them, featured in the South Dakota Counties map:

Aurora County

Beadle County

Bennett County

Bon Homme County

Brookings County

Brown County

Brule County

Buffalo County

Butte County

Campbell County

Charles Mix County

Clark County

Clay County

Codington County

Corson County

Custer County

Davison County

Day County

Deuel County

Dewey County

Douglas County

Edmunds County

Fall River County

Faulk County

Grant County

Gregory County

Haakon County

Hamlin County

Hand County

Hanson County

Harding County

Hughes County

Hutchinson County

Hyde County

Jackson County

Jerauld County

Jones County

Kingsbury County

Lake County

Lawrence County

Lincoln County

Lyman County

Marshall County

McCook County

McPherson County

Meade County

Mellette County

Miner County

Minnehaha County

Moody County

Oglala Lakota (formerly Shannon) County

Pennington County

Perkins County

Potter County

Roberts County

Sanborn County

Spink County

Stanley County

Sully County

Todd County

Tripp County

Turner County

Union County

Walworth County

Yankton County

Ziebach County

Can you find them all on our South Dakota county map?

Facts about South Dakota

Here's an overview of South Dakota in terms of its population, prominent counties, state capital, and major cities:


State Capital:

Most Populous County:

Least Populated County:

Major Cities:

These cities and counties form vital centers of activity in South Dakota, from government functions in Pierre to the bustling urban life in Sioux Falls and Rapid City. The state offers a blend of rural charm and growing metropolitan areas, making it a unique place in the American Midwest.

About South Dakota Maps

Heartland Chronicles: South Dakota's County Canvas

Embrace a journey through South Dakota's rich tapestry, woven together by counties that hold the heartbeat of the Midwest's untamed spirit.

Each county serves as a vibrant patch in the quilt that blankets this majestic state, capturing stories that are as diverse as the lands they encompass.

From the counties in the east, where tales of pioneers, settlers, and the railroad’s golden age resonate, to those in the west, where the echoes of gold rush adventurers and indigenous legends prevail, South Dakota is a symphony of stories waiting to be told.

In the central counties, the spirit of agriculture thrives. Here, generations of families have sown seeds and reaped harvests, shaping communities bonded by resilience, grit, and a love for the land.

Their tales are of barn dances, county fairs, and the shared joys and challenges of heartland living.

Further west, counties tell of frontier towns that thrived amidst the gold rush, of cowboys and miners, and of indigenous cultures that have been an integral part of the region’s tapestry for millennia.

These are lands where traditions are held sacred, and where every sunset paints a new masterpiece across the vast sky.

This map, highlighting each county, serves as a compass to the soul of South Dakota. It beckons the curious to explore deeper, to seek out the narratives etched into the soil, and to understand the shared heritage that weaves together the fabric of this proud state.

Whether tracing lineage, unearthing hidden histories, or simply wishing to understand the foundation of communities, this map of South Dakota is a testament to the enduring spirit of this US state and its people.

Facts about South Dakota

  1. Mount Rushmore: Located in the Black Hills, this iconic monument features the faces of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln carved into granite. It's known as the "Shrine of Democracy."

  2. Badlands National Park: A stunning and unique landscape of eroded buttes, pinnacles, and spires, the Badlands are a testament to the power of natural forces over millions of years.

  3. Sioux Nation: South Dakota is home to several Lakota and Dakota Sioux tribes. Reservations such as Pine Ridge and Rosebud are significant cultural and historical areas for these indigenous people.

  4. Historic Deadwood: Known for its Wild West history, Deadwood is a town where legends like Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane once roamed. Today, it's a popular tourist destination with a mix of history, gaming, and entertainment.

  5. Sturgis Motorcycle Rally: Held annually in Sturgis, this is one of the world's largest motorcycle events, drawing hundreds of thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts every August.

  6. Agriculture: South Dakota is a major producer of several crops, including soybeans, corn, and wheat. The state's agricultural endeavors also extend to cattle ranching.

  7. Missouri River: This major river divides the state into regions colloquially known as "East River" and "West River," with distinct cultural and geographical differences.

  8. Caves and Caverns: The state boasts numerous caves, including Jewel Cave, which is one of the longest caves in the world, and Wind Cave, known for its unique boxwork formations.

  9. Cultural Celebrations: Powwows, such as the Black Hills Powwow, are significant cultural events celebrating indigenous traditions, music, dance, and art.

  10. Fishing and Outdoor Activities: With numerous lakes and rivers, South Dakota is a haven for fishing enthusiasts. The state also offers ample opportunities for hunting, especially pheasants.

  11. Bison: These majestic creatures, symbolic of the Great Plains, can be found in places like Custer State Park, where they roam freely and are a popular sight for visitors.

  12. Petrified Wood Park: Located in Lemmon, this unique park features structures and displays made entirely from petrified wood, fossils, and stone.

  13. Wounded Knee: A significant location in Native American history, it was the site of the Wounded Knee Massacre in 1890, where U.S. troops killed hundreds of Lakota Sioux. Today, it stands as a somber reminder and is a place of remembrance.

  14. Wall Drug Store: Located in the small town of Wall, this iconic tourist stop started as a drug store offering free ice water to travelers. It has since evolved into a massive shopping complex with various attractions.

  15. Mammoth Site in Hot Springs: An active paleontological excavation site where numerous Ice Age mammoth bones have been uncovered, offering a unique look into the region's ancient history.

  16. Corn Palace: Situated in Mitchell, this multi-purpose venue is adorned with crop art, with murals made of corn and other grains, celebrating the state's agricultural heritage.

  17. Bear Butte: An important religious and historical site for many indigenous tribes, it's located in the Black Hills and is believed to be a place where the Creator communicates with the people.

  18. SculptureWalk: An outdoor display in Sioux Falls where artists from around the world showcase their sculptures. New pieces are introduced every year, making the city's downtown area a dynamic art gallery.

  19. Annual Buffalo Roundup: Held in Custer State Park, this event witnesses cowboys and cowgirls rounding up and driving the park's buffalo herd, a spectacle drawing thousands of spectators.

  20. South Dakota Air and Space Museum: Located outside Ellsworth Air Force Base in Box Elder, it showcases the rich aviation heritage with both indoor and outdoor exhibits.

  21. Missouri National Recreational River: A protected part of America's "Big Muddy", offering a glimpse into the river's natural conditions as experienced by early explorers.

  22. Dinosaur Park: Located in Rapid City, this park features life-sized concrete dinosaur sculptures, providing both educational and recreational experiences.

  23. Sanford Underground Research Facility: Situated in Lead, in the former Homestake Gold Mine, it's a deep underground laboratory where scientists conduct experiments in particle physics, biology, and geology.

  24. Laura Ingalls Wilder: The town of De Smet is the setting for five of her "Little House" books and has become a pilgrimage for fans, with historic homes and sites related to the author available for tours.

  25. Lewis & Clark Expedition: As explorers Lewis and Clark journeyed through the Louisiana Purchase, they traveled through parts of what is now South Dakota, leaving a legacy that is celebrated at various sites across the state.

From the intricate carvings of Mount Rushmore to the vast landscapes of the Badlands, from the living traditions of the Sioux Nation to the echoes of the Wild West in Deadwood, South Dakota offers a rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural wonders that captivate all who visit or call it home.

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